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Florida State University Policies

This website should provide access to all official policies that govern the faculty, staff, and students of Florida State University and notices of all proposed policies.

These policies have been established to provide a safe, fair, and ethical environment that supports FSU's mission and values as well as any applicable local, state and federals laws. Faculty, staff, and students are expected to be familiar with these policies and abide by the guidelines they provide. These policies are reviewed regularly and updated as necessary due to changes in either the current law or an administrative need.

Policies - General

Policies further implement the provisions of Regulations but may also cover areas not specifically addressed in the Regulations. They often involve matters of procedure but also may contain substantive standards and requirements. Occasionally, Policies may have university wide application and are approved by the Board of Trustees or President but more often would be approved by the responsible Vice President or designee. Final determination of whether a particular policy must be enacted as a formal Regulation rather than a policy will be by the President in consultation with the University Attorney.

Generally, guidelines are developed as formal Policies to assure university compliance with external requirements and to provide operating guidance and standards to the university community and to those dealing with it.

Adoption of Policies – Procedure

Policies are adopted according to the Procedure established in FSU Policy 2-1, Policy on Policies. Generally, however, the proposed new policy or policy revision or repeal should be approved by the appropriate responsible Executive and then submitted to the Office of General Counsel for legal sufficiency review. It will then be posted on this site for 21 days and interested persons may submit comments to the appropriate designated person for that policy. After that period, the Responsible Executive, after review of any comments, may adopt the Policy as noticed or consider re-noticing the proposed Policy with revisions or determine not to adopt. Purely technical revisions such as typographical errors and citation corrections may be made with re-noticing.

Additional administrative and academic procedures pertaining to faculty and students may be found in the General Bulletin, Graduate Bulletin, Registration Guide, Faculty Handbook and Student Handbook.


Current Policies Under Notice


Responsible Policy Units

1. Board of Trustees

2. President

3. Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

4. Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration

5. Vice President for Student Affairs

6. Vice President for University Relations

7. Vice President for Research

8. Vice President for Advancement

9. Office of the Vice President for Faculty Development and Advancement

10. Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

11. Chief of Inspector General Services

12. Office of the General Counsel